ITIL Information Management

It ensures that the requests crtd by the in-house employees and company customers can be recorded, measured, followed up and the service quality provided is at the optimum level.

With the help of the information bank crtd in our Sentinel help desk application, it is ensured that the problems are solved by users in a self-service manner without the need for technical support during the request creation phase.

with sentinel IT management sytem

- Demands can be managed with the demand management screen.

- Request forms can be combined with the process and operated operationally.

- Cases related to case management can be recorded

- Categories can be crtd and processes can be run on a unit basis.

- Demands can be turned into planning and different projects can be followed by different categories of authorities.

- Different request forms can be dynamically crtd

- It can be integrated with all ERP sytems and databases.

- Analysis can be made with flexible and dynamic reporting.

independent development platform